Empaths Need A Sanctuary

As an Emotional & Physical Empath, I absorb much energy from those with whom I come into contact. At work, on the train, in a store – anywhere there are people, actually. Even spaces emit their own particular energy. If I am not careful, I can absorb too much negative energy and either become emotionally distraught (with anxiety or depression) or physically ill (with a migraine). The more people in a given location, the more susceptible I am to catching negative energies.

I absorb positive energy, too. This is why, when people with positive vibes enter the room, I always light up on the inside – and you likely see it on my face. These are my “sanctuary people” and they are integral to my well-being. Conversely, when someone with negative energy enters the room, I must be very careful about my proximity to them; I now have learned to remove myself altogether, if necessary. The more I learn about my empathic nature, the more I need to remove myself physically from these people.

This is why I call my home “my sanctuary.” It’s where I can detox and regroup. I can relax and gather my energy and recharge.

When thinking of a name for my blog, “Catholic Sanctuary” resonated with me; I have found my Catholic faith to be my sanctuary in and out of my home. I’ve been able to learn prayers that help feed my soul and warn off negative energies (St Michael’s Prayer has been invaluable in this way). The saints also help me immensely in this endeavor – St Joan of Arc has been a huge inspiration for courage and strength when I’m fighting off negative energies.

I pray that what I write here will help you as well, and provide a sanctuary for your soul. AMDG.

Peace, Skye

Prayer available at Printable Prayers by Kendra Tierney.

You can find her amazing blog here: Kendra @ Catholic All Year

2 thoughts on “Empaths Need A Sanctuary

  1. Mary

    I struggle with being an empathy and Catholic. I am not at all sure that if I share it with a priest I will be welcome anymore. From a young age I was called an old soul because of how I felt things. My Granny helped me the most but she has been gone for so long. Now my only to find peace and balance is in Nature. I miss going to mass and want to take my little one too. Do I just keep hiding this part of me? The Creator made me thos way for a reason and I have always felt the Angels around me too. So often they have protected me and guided me when the pain overwhelms me. Thank you for any help or advice you may have.

    1. stephen

      People won’t understand, Priests may not understand. But you are always welcome at mass. I have been crying at mass most days for the last six months. I endure spiritual birthing pains and feel the hatred of those around me who probably think they are holier than me and it must be emotional pain. I simply pray for them. God chooses empaths because aswell as absorbing peoples fear we can transmit his love. You are special which is why the angels are close. Meditation is key to your gifts, simply focus as you breathe fully in and out. You will live a trully Christain life wherein only the father will see your works and you will be hated for it.

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