Empaths Need A Sanctuary

As an Emotional & Physical Empath, I absorb much energy from those with whom I come into contact. At work, on the train, in a store – anywhere there are people, actually. Even spaces emit their own particular energy. If I am not careful, I can absorb too much negative energy and either become emotionally distraught (with anxiety or depression) or physically ill (with a migraine). The more people in a given location, the more susceptible I am to catching negative energies.

I absorb positive energy, too. This is why, when people with positive vibes enter the room, I always light up on the inside – and you likely see it on my face. These are my “sanctuary people” and they are integral to my well-being. Conversely, when someone with negative energy enters the room, I must be very careful about my proximity to them; I now have learned to remove myself altogether, if necessary. The more I learn about my empathic nature, the more I need to remove myself physically from these people.

This is why I call my home “my sanctuary.” It’s where I can detox and regroup. I can relax and gather my energy and recharge.

When thinking of a name for my blog, “Catholic Sanctuary” resonated with me; I have found my Catholic faith to be my sanctuary in and out of my home. I’ve been able to learn prayers that help feed my soul and warn off negative energies (St Michael’s Prayer has been invaluable in this way). The saints also help me immensely in this endeavor – St Joan of Arc has been a huge inspiration for courage and strength when I’m fighting off negative energies.

I pray that what I write here will help you as well, and provide a sanctuary for your soul. AMDG.

Peace, Skye

Prayer available at Printable Prayers by Kendra Tierney.

You can find her amazing blog here: Kendra @ Catholic All Year

12 thoughts on “Empaths Need A Sanctuary

  1. Zoom zoom

    My wife has all this empath stuff and was raised Jehovah witness we are both female I might add. What can I do to help her with this stuff because her anxiety has gotten really bad.

    1. I’m a Catholic convert that was raised as an occultist, I practiced such “arts” (nobobody should) for around 24 of my 27 years of age. I’ve always been hypersensitive and since I wasn’t given the proper answers as a child cause my family and I were decieved anti-clerical, that’s what made me fall into even darker practices than what I was raised into, I was looking for an explanation to my existance and psychic abilities. I explain this cause the only thing it occurs to me to begin to help your wife is her checking out if she’s practicing anything that could make her open for demonic oppression. That’s a touchy subject cause things that are demonic do not resort only to occult practices but sometimes with everyday attitudes that are of demonic influence. You guys should research more on that, there’s a book called “summa daemoniaca” by exorcist Antonio Fortea that you can read to begin understanding what I’m talking about, it is a demonology treatie made for masses, for people with no background in catholic mysticism. I converted to Catholicism cause I actually did find that my hypersensitivity to the energy of people was hightend and used by demons, and that I was feeding them with certain practices. My hypersensitivity is from God but my practices and way of life worked as an anthena for demons to “see me” and use my special abilities for them. Only catholic liberation helped, I had to face my compulsions (that’s what sin means) to start to get cleaned and God has worked his shield around me so now I’m hypersensitive still but not losing it, and I can even put my gift in service of his people, which is what he intended in the first place. I’d also say it’d be helpful if your wife starts doing some type of altruism, serving some place, giving her time for free in some charity even remotely although preferably in touch with people (I know with the pandemic that’s tricky, for instance I as a graphic designer do something with my skills for designing charity stuff or helping my relatives for free with my designs. That’s a safe way to use our sensitivity. Just be careful to not be suporting “charities” that hurt society more than they actually help. Research them in line with what’s holy (like purely good) and act accordingly, of course all charities will tell you they are the best, many are not. This is again to avoid demonic influences in her life wich to my knowledge is what causes this supernatural anxiety.)

      Last, Idk if either of you guys are catholic but if you aren’t you still can pray the rosary. Mother Mary will protect you if you let her and ask her, don’t assume anything about you in respect to her, go and talk to her directly, there’s tons of videos in youtube on how to pray the Rosary, do it, daily Rosary is only 20 minutes I promise your wife will start to feel the liberation. You might feel like falling sleep or some weird thing that never happens to you but stay with it, pray it, for real I promise it’s worth it specially if she’s under spiritual attack.

      Appart from it if she is Catholic, have her do confession. Many people secular and Catholic dismiss confession as they think it is a power play between priest and penitent, but no. It is actually a powrful exorcism, we all need it to some degree. So yeah. That. And if you can dive into Catholic mysticism, that’s the only thing I found that has the perfect truth that perfectly opposes everything occultist that I practiced, the only thing that actually deep inside freed me from many things incluiding my imposibility to function with God’s gift.

      1. Zoom Zoom

        Thank you so much for the reply. I am a catholic born and raised as a devout catholic my teenage years dedicated to being a Guadalupana doing pilgrimages throughout New Mexico. I never ever lost my faith in the lord and I don’t believe she has either. But we can’t help but to start believing at some point people saying if we don’t change our gay ways god will not love us anymore. I talk to god daily so I no longer let those comments change my way of thinking. My wife does not want to be a part of any organized religion and as a catholic I have been to many churches looking for my fit to no avail. All they want is money, money for everything. We do not have much money at all. We live pay check to pay check. I ask the lord for assistance and help understanding things never for money or to gain any monitory value. Although I had a huge deal of tragedy no one would ever want in their lives and most people would just tremble knowing I try my best for both of us. But 2 years ago I placed a .38 special snub nose pistol under my chin and shot myself while my mom was with me and my wife went to the store. I don’t know why I did and do not remember the whole thing. The lord saved me for something, I don’t know what or why. Lots of people told me the devil got in our home and made things happen. My poor wife is dealing with all this mess with me. I’ve had about 20 surgeries already and still need more. I will take your advice and find that book. Thank you for the help. I am completely open to trying new things that will help us.

      2. Zoom Zoom

        Another big question is, how do I fix my wife’s sanctuary now after what I’ve done? I shot myself in our bedroom and we can’t afford to move. Our home was her sanctuary now I’ve tainted that for her. Also she is a mental health technician for geriatric patients at a major hospital. During this epidemic being home is her place of relaxation always. Now how do I make it right for her again?

  2. Catherine Christensen

    I am Catholic and believe that I am an Empath. At one point, I had to stop attending Mass because of overwhelming feelings of anxiety, but I have not abandoned my Faith in any way. I watch a televised Mass and do not fell that I have to speak to a priest about this at this time. I have found that being quiet, especially at night, just before I fall asleep and leaving my mind clear, I “hear” and have conversations with God or my Angels – and I feel that I am doing what I am supposed to do. I feel at peace.

  3. I struggle being a empath and a catholic. I haven’t been to mass since this past Christmas eve, mainly becauae until just recently I didn’t know that I was an empath. Now after reading up on everything, how do I control it without going against church teachings.

    I’m in a catholic womens group and I actually get angry when talking to the group because I’m mainly confused and losy about all of this. I feel like I’m not “holy” enough for them as I’m also the only catholic in my family.

    How do I control this better? Meditation? Crystals? What are we allowed to do as catholics?

    1. stephen

      Hi Taylanchi,

      Meditation is key, simply focus on your breathing. Praise and worship music helps and provides the same healing( through vibrations ) as crystals. I recharge next to water or trees. Limit your time with negative people, some catholics are egotistical and non-spiritual. ( i.e. they use shame, fear and live in competition ) Find positive people. Living in the moment is Gods kingdom as he only exists in the present. Lose your distractions, mobile/cell phone and learn about emotional intelligence. Spiritual empaths are Gods chosen people, St Paul, St Francis, Joan of arc. Catherine of Sienna and Padre Pio were mystics. God is bigger than the church and I was nearly a Jesuit, p.s. they practice eastern mysticism. Finally ‘holy’ means different so don’t try, just be.

    2. I know your question is a year old but I’m worried you’ve been misguided. We shouldn’t be doing crystals, meditation, yes but the Christian way. That’s the Rosary, the Mercy Chaplet. I’m a catholic convert that was raised as an occultist, I know the exact origin of crystals, yoga, trascentental meditation, all that I used for invocations, and those do work, but figure out if they work why then I converted to Catholicism.
      Don’t listen to anyone that makes relative what’s absolute, that’s a devil’s trick. Only Catholic teachings hold the absolute truth and flirting with certain practices is spiritual adultery. Christ is all you need to heal, he might lead you to a therapist, a spiritual director, both or none but never to using magic (there’s no REAL science on crystals, for real that’s pseudoscience. For more on this topic search for Steve Bancarz videos on Youtube that talk about everything New Age, specially the video “proof New Age is satanic”). Instead spend at least one hour a week in Eucharistic adoration and pray the Rosary daily, go to confession since that’s a “mini exorcism” we all need periodically, and if you fell into new age practices for a bad advice please ditch that.
      Indeed contemplative practices are from a pre-Christian origin but consider Jews do contemplative practices since the very begining of their existence and are pre-Christian as much as pagan traditions (we could argue that even more ancient than most pagan societies ever). It is convenient for some to only consider what they want to see but only Christ gives the wider lens there is for us. Stick to him. St. Francis of Asisi has been used as an example for many new age practices, even to praise “mother Earth” as if he believed in mother earth as a power equal to God. That’s idolatry and not what St. Francis of Asisi stood for. G.K. Chesterton explains it well:

      “The main point of Christianity was this: that Nature is not our mother: Nature is our sister. We can be proud of her beauty, since we have the same father; but she has no authority over us; we have to admire, but not to imitate. This gives to the typically Christian pleasure in this earth a strange touch of lightness that is almost frivolity. Nature was a solemn mother to the worshipers of Isis and Cybele. Nature was a solemn mother to Wordsworth or to Emerson. But Nature is not solemn to Francis of Assisi or to George Herbert. To St. Francis, Nature is a sister, and even a younger sister: a little, dancing sister, to be laughed at as well as loved.”

      Dive deep into theology and catholic mysticism. We need nothing else to find our answers, our healing. Contrary to protestantism, Catholic Church teachings are clear and absolute. Also I recommend “The Imitation of Christ” by Thomas a Kempis, I think you can find it as an audiobook in youtube. But most of all, pray a lot, pray the Rosary, and spend time in Eucharistic adoration.

      Blessings, might God continue to guide your steps to holiness.

  4. Mary

    I struggle with being an empathy and Catholic. I am not at all sure that if I share it with a priest I will be welcome anymore. From a young age I was called an old soul because of how I felt things. My Granny helped me the most but she has been gone for so long. Now my only to find peace and balance is in Nature. I miss going to mass and want to take my little one too. Do I just keep hiding this part of me? The Creator made me thos way for a reason and I have always felt the Angels around me too. So often they have protected me and guided me when the pain overwhelms me. Thank you for any help or advice you may have.

    1. stephen

      People won’t understand, Priests may not understand. But you are always welcome at mass. I have been crying at mass most days for the last six months. I endure spiritual birthing pains and feel the hatred of those around me who probably think they are holier than me and it must be emotional pain. I simply pray for them. God chooses empaths because aswell as absorbing peoples fear we can transmit his love. You are special which is why the angels are close. Meditation is key to your gifts, simply focus as you breathe fully in and out. You will live a trully Christain life wherein only the father will see your works and you will be hated for it.

      1. Mary

        Thank you for replying. I do spend a lot of time each day in my home and outside as much as possible. It has been a draining yr since I have been limited to staying in a wheelchair because of foot surgeries. But now I am hoping to be more on the mend and have the chance to be outside in nature more. We have thought about going to Easter Services but even if we do none of us will be allowed to take commune. I still need my annulment and my future husband is not Catholic and is in the middle of a messy divorce. I have never been to mass and not had commune. I really miss my old priest since he past away. He had such a big heart and he even helped me understand my gift better. I am hoping to talk with the priest at the local church where I live now and see how things go. Hoping the Angels will guide my words so the conversation goes well. Thanks again.

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